Environmentally Better
Fresh air is a very precious commodity. So our new collection of Cleanburn stoves is designed to preserve it – with technology to keep carbon emissions at a record breaking low. And it’s not just the environment you’re saving.
Economically Better
You could also save a bundle on fuel. Efficiency levels on these stoves range from 75% to 82% -which adds up to smaller fuel bills. A bundle of logs will provide more warmth, for longer, than it would in an alternative stove.
Everyway Better
Whether you choose Cleanburn for the money-saving potential or the cleaner chimney, it’s not just your family who benefits. Your home is reducing emissions and contributing to a cleaner future. And doesn’t that give you a warm glow.

Optimum woodburning

The Tripleburn® technology improves the ignition of the fuel, with a jet of Tertiary air directed into the heart of the fire. When the grate is in the closed position, creating a flat base, it allows a deep bed of ash to build up – these are the optimum conditions for burning wood.
Optimum solid fuel burning

When burning smokeless fuel, the grate is moved to the open position by a single turn of the handle. Primary Air is then directed under the open grate and into the heart of the fire, ensuring a clean, efficient burn.
Independently CE tested
and approved

All the stoves in the Cleanburn range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements Designed for and tested under the Danish testing standards.
• Tripleburn® technology
• Exceptionally hot air wash
• Dust free, safe and easy riddling
• Multi-fuel grate system for
burning wood or solid fuel


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Cleanburn Eco-Ideal eco 3

Cleanburn Eco-Ideal eco 3

The eco 3 produces an impressive heat output range of 3.5kw to 5kw thanks to Ecoideal Cleanburn t..


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